Naj & Belle

Naj & Belle located in Bangsar was been receiving rave reviews for the past few weeks (at the time of our visit) although it was for the wrong end of the spectrum, as foodiehoods we had to find out whether this was true.Dissatfied Customers and their views!We actually got lost trying to find the place... Continue Reading →


Waffuru5 Dessert House

Waffuru5 Dessert House is a new dessert cafe that just opened around three months ago. As the name might hint, they boasts many desserts based around waffles.  Located at Taman Paramount, PJ,  I came to know about them as I had seen their storefront on my way up and down PJ.  I was curious as... Continue Reading →

A short review on The Fish Bowl

A new trend that has hit many major cities, the wildly popular Hawaiian Poke Bowl (pronounced po-keh) has arrived in Malaysian shores with the opening of a number of poke bowl eateries. Many of you are probably wondering what ‘poke’ is or if it has anything to do with Pokemon. It is basically cubed raw... Continue Reading →

Burgers and Lobsters

I have had the privilege of tasting many of London's well known eateries and when Burger and Lobster's came to Malaysia it was certainly a restaurant that i had to go. The hype was crazy and when i finally had a chance to visit i though the hype would have died down, oh! how wrong... Continue Reading →

Cheap Thrills with ‘Chill & Grill’

Diamonds are often found in the rough and 'Chill & Grill' is certainly a Gem within it's own class. Located in Taman Desa Food Court (Next to Shell Petrol Station) 2 young individuals embarked on the journey to create the best and most affordable Pork Ribs in town. The believe that cheap eats can be good... Continue Reading →

Whip Up a Good Time with Pastries Galore!

Craving for something sweet? Whip Up is just the place for you. In most cases, the pictures of the food is what draws people into a café, but in this instance it was the food and décor that sparked our interest, this spot was blatantly charming with its pastel colours and it screams authenticity at... Continue Reading →

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