Milligram: Coffee and Bacon Paradise

Nothing gets better than my morning cuppa, except maybe BACON! and Milligram are both Coffee and Bacon experts! Basically they have Bacon everything, from burgers to pastas to PANCAKES!!! Yes you heard us right, SWEET PANCAKES but with BACON!!!!

As a teaser look at this bacon roll off the pancake!!!

Comfort Food done right 

Like many cafe’s Milligram serves various Main dishes to go along with their speciality coffees, during our session one of the most ordered dishes was the Mother-Porker Burger (juicy pork patty, topped with Cheddar, BACON, housemade mayo/sriracha combo, coupled with a side of zucchini & carrot fries). We could see that they have elevated the standard of a normal pork burger.


Mother-Porker Burger

We were than given the opportunity to test out their ‘Lazy-Pig’ which was a pork cutlet topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato base, matched with housemate gravy. The crunch from the crispy cutlet and the melted cheese was amazing, and combined with the tangy tomato base, brought out the juiciness of the cutlet and cut right through the jelak-ness of the melted cheese.Pair them with their house made gravy, it brought the definition of pork-cutlet to another level. All in all these two dishes shows how comfort food should be done!

IMG_4228 3.JPG

The Lazy Pig

IMG_4771 2.JPG

No skimping on the herbs and spices!

Not a fan of Pork? Don’t worry. 

If you are not a great fan of pork base mains, Milligram has an arsenal of choices on their menu, such as their Glazed-Roast Chicken and Summer Fish.

Their Roast chicken tight is matched with zucchini and carrot puree and paired with summer vegetables provides a healthy option and a lighter bite compared to the pork counterparts. The roast chicken was delicate and juicy. A great combination of various summer vegetables also made the dish light and refreshing. You could easily finish a plate without feeling stuff.


Fish wise, their genius play of lightly pan sear Perch (See no cheap ass Dory fish here) on a Taco, is another conception by the owners who  insist on elevating the idea of comfort food. (Now who says simple food can’t be elegant? just look at this fish). Served with mash and summer vegetables again. It is another option for people who seeks a lighter lunch.


Pan Seared Perch on Taco 

Want an even healthier option? Try out their Salmon, which is served on a bed of mash potatoes and house made


Pan Seared Salmon

Rice Bowls

Like many of you, our editors are a ‘Rice-Pails’, meaning if they don’t eat rice they might evaporate into thin air, and thank god, Milligram caters to these options. In fact their believe of elevating comfort food is truly shown here. On the outlook, their Chicken Or Salmon Rice Bowls are just normal rice bowls like many others, but once we dug deeper, we found gold.


Salmon with Cilantro Lime Rice 


Chicken with Cilantro Lime Rice

Their rice are combined with cilantro and lime, to give it even more flavor and whats more they included a dollop of Yogurt to give the whole dish a source of acidity. (Who would have though that a Rice Bowl would have yogurt in it!)


Well, we can’t finish any meal without something sweet right? So we didn’t!

And this was where the amazement reached it’s climax, i mean i was expected to be overdosed with the traditional sweets once again, (which to tell the truth, it is kinda boring, gig-in, gig-out) but OMG weren’t we surprised. First of all look at the Nestum Bacon French Toast. Did we mention BACON? Perfect combo or savory and sweet.


Nestum Bacon French Toast

Than yeah yeah you just saw the Bacon on the pancake. But here are more pictures.


The white glaze is actually Yogurt which gives the dish a kick of much needed acidity.

Lastly theres also their signature Olympic Churros and Churros Boru which is has a chest of hidden blueberries inside.


Olympic Churros


Churros Boru

Overall impression? Well we are well impressed!!! There are definitely worth a visit with their wide array of selection and different play in comfort food. Certainly a hideaway that deserves well deserve acredation.

The Foodiehood Report Card  

Atmosphere: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Food: 10/10

Presentation: 10/10

Value: 8/10

Overall: 88% Foodiehood Satisfaction

Special Mention 


Smoke Pork Bacon – Spaghetti Carbonara


One of the biggest reason why we are such a strong fan of this place is because of the smoke bacon thats in the Spaghetti Carbonara. I mean just look at the bacon and egg. Pictures speaks it all. No words needed.


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