Butterfly Cafe: Elegant and Charming

The downsides to rain is obvious to the common driver: traffic, blurred landscapes and a sense of desolation that only good food can cure. That, followed by Waze’s inaccurate guidance made the search for this second-floor cafe in Sri Petaling a little harder, but if it’s any consolation (and it is): the interior view that greeted us more than makes up for it.

‘Smashing’ would almost sound too crude—maybe it was the rainy ambience that accompanied our session as we admire it through the floor-to-ceiling glass, or the modern french chic decor in its cream and vanilla walls, accented with dark wood and spots of pink in decor. Everything lulls you in, urges you to stay with a dreamlike finish, vanilla-sweet.

Really struck a nice chord with the ambience here.

Orange Mango Trifle (RM 25)

We started with one of the best sellers in the café: the Orange Mango Trifle, a dessert that’s interlayered with fresh mangoes between the repeating sequence of—you guessed it, orange and mango mousse, topped with a chocolate coated strawberry and fresh almond meringue. What strikes us to be interesting is how distinctive the transition is between flavors: savour the mango, and if you happened to have scooped a little deeper, you’re blasted with a rush of citrus that smooths away into dreamy consistency as quick as it happened. Delightful, though the portion was considerably huge even for two people—fortunately, there’s a solo version of the dessert for anyone who wants to savor it for themselves before recommending it to another.

Chocolate Banana (RM 25)

On to the next best-seller: the Chocolate Banana, with its smooth sphere of chocolaty wonder and its banana, caramel-chocolate chantilly and dark chocolate ganache, just waiting to be bitten into at the core. The homey name serves more as an understatement of the skill involved in preparing the piece:

Showcased here, though we might’ve taken our sweet time with the photographing process. The point remains: pre and post dissection, everything within this dessert is structured with painstaking care. There’s none of the messy spillage you would expect from something that undergoes some knifing, and the process of having the shell crack away at the first bite to reveal the hidden contents, layer by sweet layer until the dark chocolate ganache? Commendable craft!

Deconstructed Strawberry Opera (RM 26)

Last but not the least, we arrive at the Deconstructed Strawberry Opera, with its building layers of strawberry joconde and sponge cake in-betweens. My friends, say no more, this is can be your devil (or your angel) of an almond and strawberry supreme. The generous almond crisp shares the same, amazingly crisp quality of the meringue that comes with the entire tower upon first bite, and in between would be the signature slather of chantilly cream with more strawberry slices, and strawberry jelly.

You’d think this would be overwhelmingly sweet, but it’s anything but that. Once again, the dessert has achieved an incredible balance in its layered excellency: the joconde and sponge cake layers are proportioned in a way that absorb the sweetness, and the owner’s proud to proclaim that the fresh fruit policy they utilize means that there’s no need for additional sugar infusions. This policy definitely shows: most of what you can savor is the wholesome blend of fresh strawberries, cake and almond crisps. And this is after strawberry syrup.

Which reminds us.

Gotta keep up with the times and Boomerang.

Now, on to the criticisms, which would probably rest with how the location of the place was far off compared to its original checkpoint, but that’s more a technical issue with Waze. Another thing to take note of would be the Orange and Mango Trifle’s portions—it is still a lovely dessert, just that the copious amount of cream and mousse might get repetitive for some. We’d love for there to be something texturised, just to ease the experience: meringue flakes perhaps.

And the winning piece that would drive us back?

The almond meringues. Easily the best ones we’ve had out of many dessert cafés—ultimately, Butterfly might even benefit from an exclusive service just based on that in pre-orders if they so desired.

As an overall, the ambience of the place at the twilight hours of day—even if the café was originally designed to benefit from the full essence of natural sunlight—was uniquely soothing in a dreamlike fashion, and the desserts helped consolidate that theme.

They are located at Unit 3-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Foodiehood Report Card

Atmosphere: 10/10

Service: 9/10

Food: 9/10

Presentation: 8/10

Value: 9/10

Overall: 90% Foodiehood Satisfaction


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