Fine Dining: Bistro Style – The Other Half

The Other Half situated on the 2nd floor of The Greens Terrace, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail is a relatively new cafe – slightly industrial, very bright and open with simple tasteful interior decor, something we really liked. Finding the place was slightly difficult as they were situated on the 2nd level but there ample of parking and the cafe makes up for it with the high ceilings, ample of natural light and the view being on the 2nd level provided.


A communal table slots in next to the entrance, while a banquette seating lines one wall with mostly tables of two, and a huge word search puzzle made from tiles above that giving the eatery the compulsory Instagram factor. The other Half also offers a view over a terrace space for outdoor eating, perfect if you just want to lay back read a book or people watch.



Drawing the crowds is their inventive all-day Breakfast and Brunch menu where classics are given an asian spin and elevated with on-trend ingredients. Think the humble Nasi Lemak but made into a Risotto, or an Omelette with sashimi . And, of course, there’s the compulsory smashed avo – this version with feta cheese “hummus”, balsamic reduction and seaweed on sourdough. There’s something for everyone as their menu caters for those who are vegetarian or those who have allergies.

Lets get to the review shall we?

The drinks we ordered were the Kaya Matcha Latte and their Flat White.

The Kaya Match Latte (RM 13) was really a delightful surprise, I really did not know how it would taste like but in short the umami taste was offset but the sweetness of the Kaya but it was not overpowering. The kaya provides a body to the Latte making it thicker and you get that unmistakable mellowed sweetness.


When it comes to coffee our expectations are quite high, and their Flat White (RM 11) was pulled to almost perfection. The traits of Melbourn was  irrefutable. This was probably due to the cafe owner’s experience as a barista at Melbourne’s Operator25 cafe.


One of the numerous vegetarian options is their Smashed Avocado (RM 28) with 2 lightly toasted slice of sourdough overflowing with roughly mashed avocado, the odd bit of grilled lemon, generous amount of arugula for greenery, and smears of feta cheese before being drizzled with balsamic. Very generous with their portion, it’s a filling dish that feels nourishing.



The next dish we ordered was the Japanese Omelette (RM 24). The presentation was excellent with this dish. It’s not hard to over complicate a dish by adding too many components but you can tell by how expertly this dish was crafted, we are not dealing with a novice. This is where the incorporation of the asian elements and the elevation of the omelette that we spoke about earlier took place. Shiimeji mushrooms, cured sea bass sashimi, Japanese cucumber, crispy vermicelli noodles, cherry tomatoes, Japanese mayo, miso dressing served with generously buttered toast. Each of those components melded together perfectly and the omelette was still the star of the show.



The last dish we tried comes recommended by the owner, the Coconut Waffles (RM 28). The Other Half does not play when it comes to quality of their ingredients. When the waffles first arrived we were a bit confused as to the incorporation of the “coconut” into the dish besides the toasted coconut flakes. The owner with a smile asked us to wait to bring out his Chef from Brazil to explain that he had used coconut butter milk when making the waffles so the texture would be slightly crispier, we were stunned in admiration. The waffles also come with Mango Spaghetti, which is their own creation, made from fresh mango juice with agar. Fresh mango squares and a passion fruit sorbet also accompanies the waffle to give contrasting flavours. A white chocolate ganache is provided to drizzle over the waffles. We have to give credit to the white chocolate ganache for making this dish so tasty.



Overall it was an enjoyable experience, we will be definitely going back for the waffles again!

The Foodiehood Report Card
Atmosphere: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Presentation: 9/10
Value: 9/10
Overall: 90% Foodiehood Satisfaction



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