Now trending: Nasi Lemak Burger

There’s been a lot of hype for this novel burger, combining our familiar local  heritage with the modern globalized burger.  The first faint awareness of such a burger was heard on the shores of Singapore when McDonalds inroduced their Nasi Lemak Burger.


Back to our shores MyBurgerLab has picked up the riding waves and they were smart to do so. I mean the ‘Nasi lemak’ is an institution and is a staple for many homes in Malaysia. The buzz around the ‘Nasi Lemak Burger’ many have inspired other local eateries to create their own versions such as, when we visited Fusion Canteen ss2 we were recommended to try their version of the Nasi Lemak Burger .


My Burger Lab 

Fusion Canteen 

Now, as food reviewers we digested the burgers into different Categories, Taste, Appearance and Price.

Taste wise, we compared both burgers, 2 ways, firstly as a overall combination and secondly individual components. To start our review we decided to first discuss the individual components first.


Here we have MBL’s signature charcoal bun, theres a reason why MBL’s burgers are the best in the market, it is because their buns are moist, fresh and they’ve had extensive experience and time to perfect their buns. Fusion Canteen’s Sesame Buns does deserve some  credit, they were toasted perfectly and it was a great vehicle to carry the sambal and chicken.


Now this was the star for MBL, their sambal was close to on point perfection, bringing the exact spice to sweet ratio. When served hot the spice gave the burger an additional kick. Fusion Canteen’s sambal was as good, being more on the spicy side (Which i personally preferred), it was also more generously spread which i feel is important to the concept of Nasi Lemak.


This is probably an area where they both could learn from each other (or marry each other for the perfect combination). The chicken from MBL was over-seasoned, it over-shadowed a suppose freshness of the chicken, but it was very crispy. When consumed with the sambal, the combination worked. Fusion Canteen’s chicken was under seasoned, but we could distinctly taste the juiciness of their chicken, when combined with the sambal (despite the generosity) lost the kick it was suppose to have in a ‘sambal chicken’ dish.

Peanuts/Anchovies/Tom Yam Sauce

This was an extra dimension which MBL offer in it’s burgers, the distinct anchovy paste, gave the eaters not only the sweet and spice from the sambal, but also a refreshing tang from. It allowed us to momentarily clean our palettes before diving in for more. This is probably the reason why many people are able to pass the ‘jelakness’ of the burger as a whole but too much of it can ruin the whole burger.


MBL’s NLB was priced at RM18.90 (ala carte), whilst FC’s NLB was RM15.90 (served with extra sides of keropok). As an eater i wouldn’t mind paying for either, however the serving of keropok won me over (very slightly) as it brought us nostalgic feelings of consuming nasi lemak at stalls.


As foodies we believe both eateries are serving all of us delicious burgers and we feel that such competition is healthy. We as a team were torn between which one we though were better and in the end our conclusion came to which one we couldn’t more easily get our hands on (discounting the waiting time). Hence if you are in ss2 why not give FC a chance to surprise you, or else just head on to any MBL outlets to enjoy a hearty delicious burger.

PS: MBL if you are reading this, can we please bring back Ultraman Burger! (Many Thanks)




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