Malaysia’s unique Flower Café

Concept cafes seem to be mushrooming these days and that is a great thing for us foodies. These cafes provide not only food but also an experience to diners.

The sad reality is however that while these concept cafes do bring something new, the food sometimes fall short.

This was not the case for Happ Cafe aka The Flower Cafe.

It’s refreshing to see the young entrepreneurs behind Happ Cafe doing their own thing, challenging the norms of the food industry and making it on their own. Less than a year old, Happ Cafe is located in Tropicana, Petaling Jaya.

The concept of this Cafe is mainly based on the two sisters love of flowers. The owners pride themselves with creating an atmosphere which is bright, happy and fun for their patrons. Something that is lacking in these trying times. Cafe has an in house florist so expect fresh flower bouquets and expertly done flower arrangements to add a pop of colour to the place.

The Cafe also provides some reading materials if you want to just hang out with your friends or want to have a quiet evening alone.

Okay let’s get to the food.

First we had the Scrambled eggs with Smoked Salmon & Croissant (RM 16.90) from their all day set menu. Visually it was not too bad but one thing that we have to admit was that Happ Cafe does not skimp on quality. The smoked salmon was really well prepared and all the ingredients were fresh.

Next we tried their special that day which was the Baked Butterfish with Mango Salsa and Lemon Cream Sauce (RM 30). This dish was the star of the show. Fish is a very delicate protein, and often cooks much quicker than other proteins so expert care is needed to properly prepare the dish. The fish was spot on, flaky, well seasoned and not over-cooked. The lemon cream sauce added a distinctive sharp tang which went well with the fish. The mango salsa elevated the dish even further by introducing contrasting flavours colours and textures. The sweetness of the mango with the fish was unexpectedly our favourite combination.

Next we tried one of their flower concept desserts, Chamomile Honey Cake (RM 16). This was one adorable cake. The honey bee is made from edible white chocolate and the honeycomb is made from tempered white chocolate. The combination goes well together and it’s not too sweet or overwhelming.

We also tried their Lady Bug Pavlova(RM 16). The presentation was really good, definitely Instagram worthy. The combination of raspberry cream, macerated strawberries, blueberries and passion fruit purée was excellent. Not just a pretty dessert but a very delicious one as well.

Loyal to their theme of flowers, the next item we tried was the Lavender Honey Crepe (RM 15). The crepe base consists of dried lavender which was well incorporated into the batter. Not too overwhelming but you still get the faint aroma of lavender. The cream incorporates imported Madagascar vanilla pods and honey. Overall an inventive dessert, we think a lot of thought and effort went into this one.

They also have some on theme refreshments, like their flower infused coffee aka their Rose Latte (RM 11 hot). If you’ve had rose coffee you would know that it has a really bitter after taste so it’s highly recommended to have it as a latte instead.

Next we tried their Popcorn Latte (RM 12 cold). This comes highly recommended if you have a sweet tooth and the presentation is quite nice as well.

Overall it was a good experience and they are constantly experimenting with new floral themed ideas. Definitely a Cafe to visit at least once.

The Foodiehood Report Card
Atmosphere: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Presentation: 7/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: 80% Foodiehood Satisfaction


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