Naj & Belle

Naj & Belle located in Bangsar was been receiving rave reviews for the past few weeks (at the time of our visit) although it was for the wrong end of the spectrum, as foodiehoods we had to find out whether this was true.

Dissatfied Customers and their views!

We actually got lost trying to find the place (their location on waze is wrong), and had to call them, they promptly gave us a new landmark and we manage to locate them. Then their location had parking problems (only car park available in front of their building which was minimal), or else we had to park road side and risk the backlash of our own DBKL. (So do be very careful guys)

You can’t miss them once you spot them

Upon entering the establishment we were greeted by a very polite lady, and she promptly shown us to a bar seat as we told her we  would like to take pictures.

Bar seat! In hindsight not recommended! Too Cold!

Before coming we did our own research and knew that their specialty included the ‘Watermelon cake’ and ‘deconstructed pavlova’ but we wanted something savory before proceeding with desserts so we decided on a simple breakfast and a chicken burger.

The breakfast  consist of toast (hidden under the salad), 2 eggs of your choice (we chose sunny side up), chicken sausages, beef bacon hash brown and grilled tomatoes. Special mention to the chicken sausages, the texture was basically a kin to meatballs and the meat was slightly over-seasoned. Secondly our mushrooms were extremely salty, but it went really well with the toast.

Toast and Mushrooms hidden

Plating could have been better!

The salted chicken burger was another special combination. The breading texture was rubbery, similar to those you get from taiwanese fried chicken, the salted egg sauce was on point and it was a very satisfying combination. The chicken was slightly tad on the oily side, but it was a great combination with the refreshing slaw. Mushrooms were however tasteless and provided little in respect to combination or appearance of the burger.

The burger came with a mayo and it provided a great dip for the fries. (However because the location we were seated at was directly under the air condition, the mayo solidify and our fries were cold when we eventually got around to it), thats why don’t take the bar seat guys!

Our experience overall was unsatisfying due to a particular incident. Upon completion of our initial order we requested to speak to the manager or person in charge, on the basis that we wanted to know more about their dessert menu (since this was their specialty).

When our server spoke to the ‘person in charge’ (he was dressed more smartly and not in uniform compared to the other servers) he replied in a very loud tone ‘OUR MANAGER IS NOT HERE, we don’t have any managers in store’, the statement may or may not have been directed at us specifically but we thought that isn’t the way to approach this. It’s all about how you carry yourself in front of your paying customers, someone has to step up. Our queries on the desserts were left unanswered. That was very disappointing to say the least.

This certainly validify the other comments currently on their Facebook page, and we proceeded to NOT finish our meal as we felt their service provided was improper and despite our best attempt, we could not convince ourselves to try out their desserts.

Hopefully by reading this they can improve on their management quality for future patrons.

The Foodiehood Report Card
Atmosphere: 9/10
Service: 0/10
Food: 5/10
Presentation: 5/10
Value: 6/10
Overall: 50% Foodiehood Satisfaction



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