Burgers and Lobsters

I have had the privilege of tasting many of London’s well known eateries and when Burger and Lobster‘s came to Malaysia it was certainly a restaurant that i had to go.

The hype was crazy and when i finally had a chance to visit i though the hype would have died down, oh! how wrong i was. We waited in line for around 45 mins (So please be prepared to queue)

So the Menu is very simple, basically you have 9 choices, theres 3 types of burgers, 3 types of lobster dishes and 3 types of lobster rolls.

So after so many rave reviews about this place, we knew that the best dish to go for was the Chilli Lobster (This was not available in London). And Yes! It was GOOD.

Thumbs up to Burgers and Lobsters Malaysia team for adapting to local taste. The Chilli gravy was thick, fragrant and had a small heat to it. It was the PERFECT dipping for the brioche (which was god like by the way) and also the fries (from our lobster rolls). The sauce totally overshadowed the mediocre quality of the lobster.

Its like Chill Crab on steroids. Just Chill Lobster.

Than we tried 2 different versions of the lobster roll. The Original and Seven Samurai. Having eaten many lobster rolls on the streets of America, i had a certain expectation coming into this. Well i was not disappointed. The brioche which the lobster were encase in, were truly light and buttery (this makes the lobster tasted even richer), and the Japanese Mayonnaise was so rich and creamy, it made the lobster buttery and fresh. (Warning, eat the roll whilst the mayonnaise is hot, after a while the Mayo got cold and it was not as nice)

Lobster Rolls

Overflow of Lobster Meat

The Original Lobster Roll. Crazy Good Mayo Sauce. 

The Seven Samurai was similar, except it had spices to it. Comparatively it was as good as any lobster rolls can get in Malaysia, but if i had to choose i would certainly take the original roll.

The Seven Samurai. Lobster Roll.

We reserve our comments on their burgers for another day, however special mention goes to their fries. It’s just normal long cut chips, however they provided Heinz Ketchup and Mayonnaise. True Londoners know that this is the best way to eat fries and when i took my first bite, it certainly threw me back to the days whilst i was staying in London. Give it a try!

The Foodiehood Report Card
Atmosphere: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Presentation: 10/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: 90% Foodiehood Satisfaction


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