Cheap Thrills with ‘Chill & Grill’

Diamonds are often found in the rough and ‘Chill & Grill‘ is certainly a Gem within it’s own class. Located in Taman Desa Food Court (Next to Shell Petrol Station) 2 young individuals embarked on the journey to create the best and most affordable Pork Ribs in town. The believe that cheap eats can be good eats as well.


They are easy to spot (next to the dim sum stall)


Ollie pays a visit


Simple and dedicated Menu

Chill and Grill has a simple (well if you are vegetarian please stay away) and dedicated Menu to serve all pork lovers. Their signature pork ribs are only RM26.90. Definitely the cheapest in Klang Valley. Comes with 2 dedicated sides of Mash Potatoes and Salad.


Each set comes with 5 ribs and they are not stingy on their sauce!


Their Mash is a combination of broccoli and potatoes, with  special house salad 

Their Ribs smelled Amazing and it was off the bone when we dived into it. The meat was juicy and greasy, and most importantly NOT DRY. Their special bbq sauce was both tangy and sweet, but carried a certain kick to it at the end. Definitely something extremely special, compared with other rib places.

Their Coney Dog was as good as their Ribs, in fact their Bolognese sauce was so delicious, we actually requested for a top up to mop up our bread with. The owners mentioned that their sauce are all freshly made each day, with freshly procured ingredients on a daily basis. (No overnight or reuse)


Heavily buttered charred white bread with imported coney dog.


Freshly made bolognese sauce. 

Last but not least, are their amazing Pork Burgers, we strongly believe there are only a handful of people in Malaysia than actually procures made-to-order pork burgers and evident by the fact that they are consistently sold out! Priced at only RM14.90 you get a great charcoal bun (freshly made daily), 2 pork patties (did i say 2) and a sunny side up.


Sadly due to overwhelming demand, the burger had sold out before we could place an order (We requested for a picture from the owners). Hence we cannot give our comments to the taste.

The Foodiehood Report Card
Atmosphere: 5/10 (i mean we have to be honest its a food court, it was HOT)
Service: 10/10
Food: 8/10
Presentation: 7/10
Value: 10/10
Overall: 80% Foodiehood Satisfaction


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