Traditional Santan Durian, a trip down memory lane with Nyonya Cuisine

Old China Cafe, serves one of the best if not the best Santan Durian. As it’s name suggest, it is only Santan and Durian, nothing extra. The Durian meat is fragrant and hearty and the Santan (Coconut Milk) is rich and creamy. Escape all those hassle of opening a durian and come and enjoy this for only RM13.90.


Look at the generous portion of durian meat and rich Santan!

Frequented largely by tourist, this place has long been forgotten by the locals, it is located on the outskirts of China Town. The exterior is hard to miss with the traditional chinese flip door but modern rustique menu right at the side.


Its interior is filled with the history of this establishment, show casing its ancestral routes and chinese traditions.




Other than the Santan Durian, other famous dishes include their Signature Nasi Lemak and Nyonya Laksa. However in comparison with Warisan’s Nasi Lemak, their curry was very mild (according to my mum, this is how Nyonya curry is suppose to be, with coconut milk being more intense than spice). The sambal however has a very strong kick after a while and the anchovies is one of the best, salty and crunchy.


The Nyonya Laksa was almost god like, the soup was creamy and fragrant with a lot of toppings, which includes, fried bean curd, noodles, chicken, egg and vegetables. Its a hearty bowl of goodness.


Meanwhile we also met another blogger from Melbourne who was there to enjoy their Pie Tee and Lemongrass juice, according to her they were amongst the best. Their chill is not overly sweeten, like those you get from commercial roll ups and their fried shallots makes the Pie-Tee so fragrant and yummy!


Their other speciality would also be their traditional Nyonya Coffee which is served in the traditional Nyonya way, which includes filters, skim milk and coffee beans which have been roasted with margarine. Unlike the traditional black coffee, this coffee is best served with milk.


Last but not least, apart from Santan Durian, their traditional Gula Melaka Sago is another speciality. With the same coconut milk but topped with the distinct flavor of Gula Melaka, their sago was soaked in the richness sugar and milk


Their prices are very reasonable for their food, so take a trip down to good old china town and visit them!

You can find them here at:

Old China Cafe

11 Jalan Balai Polis, 50000, Kuala Lumpur

Tel:- 03-2072 5915

Real Food. Real Reviews.


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