Snail Sashimi, Iberico Spanish Pork, Live Lobsters Steamboat

Steamboat, the comfort food for all Malaysians for a rainy day, and what more than a high quality Pork Bone Broth as soup base? Of course the things we put into them.

Grand Imperial Restaurants may be famous for their weekend dim sums and their wedding banquets, but what many people don’t know is that they serve one of the best steamboats in Klang Valley.

To start with their 5 special condiments/varieties of Chillis, chilli flakes, thai sweet chilli, red hot chilli sauce and also the tangy green chilli sauce. Combine all 4 with a bit of spring onion and their soya sauce and you get one of the best combination of hot, spicy, tangy and zest all at one go.


Next comes the big boys, fresh snail sashimi. Yes this beauty was swimming in the tank and landed on our table 30 mins later. The trick here is to soak it when the soup is boiling hot for 3 secs. Its crunchy and decadent! I mean how else are we expected to eat snails?


Next stop their Iberico Spanish Pork Slice. Look at the portions of fats to meat ratio, when cooked this beauty melts in your mouth, perfect with those chilli condiments!



Of course there are also the other normal stuff which we find in any steamboats, fish ball, pork ball, fish paste noodles etc etc etc …. But what grand imperial serves here are all made in house, which means these are fresh items with no preservatives.


Word of warning! Better to book a table as well as order the soup base well in advance. Good to check the availability of their speciality items as well.

You can check them out here:-

Real Food. Real reviews.


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