Rizcoconut – 70 years of crafting the best Nyonya Delicacies

Regardless of whether you’ve personally experienced the culture, or if you’ve watched ‘The Little Nyonya’ series, fact remains: You’ve heard of the Baba Nyonya or Peranakan of Melaka, and how its rich food heritage is an echoes elements of Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian altogether. With the majority of the food being prepared by none other... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Cafe: Elegant and Charming

The downsides to rain is obvious to the common driver: traffic, blurred landscapes and a sense of desolation that only good food can cure. That, followed by Waze’s inaccurate guidance made the search for this second-floor cafe in Sri Petaling a little harder, but if it’s any consolation (and it is): the interior view that... Continue Reading →

Now trending: Nasi Lemak Burger

There's been a lot of hype for this novel burger, combining our familiar local  heritage with the modern globalized burger.  The first faint awareness of such a burger was heard on the shores of Singapore when McDonalds inroduced their Nasi Lemak Burger. Back to our shores MyBurgerLab has picked up the riding waves and they were... Continue Reading →

CHIZU – Liquid Cheese

Exciting times for us beverage lovers as a new franchise was just opened up in Malaysia in March 2017 called CHIZU. CHIZU specialises in "cheese drinks" which are hand crafted coffee or tea topped with cheese froth. The brand advertises as such that it's the No. 1 Japanese Cheese drink in Malaysia and can be... Continue Reading →

Best Fish & Chips in KL

Yes! We are proclaiming that we have the found best fish and chips in KL. Operated by 2 siblings Fusion Canteen in SS2, offers the England tradition in its truest form. Its been 9 years since i have left London, and no where in Klang Valley has fish and chips been near as good as... Continue Reading →

Malaysia’s unique Flower Café

Concept cafes seem to be mushrooming these days and that is a great thing for us foodies. These cafes provide not only food but also an experience to diners. The sad reality is however that while these concept cafes do bring something new, the food sometimes fall short. This was not the case for Happ... Continue Reading →

Naj & Belle

Naj & Belle located in Bangsar was been receiving rave reviews for the past few weeks (at the time of our visit) although it was for the wrong end of the spectrum, as foodiehoods we had to find out whether this was true.Dissatfied Customers and their views!We actually got lost trying to find the place... Continue Reading →

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